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“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date…”

Summer in Southern Oregon always feels much more relaxed and expansive – not to mention hot and fiery – than Shakespeare would have enjoyed in England. 
This year, however, as things begin to open after long and painful constriction, time seems abbreviated, foreshortened, a new version of “so much to do, so little time!” And what is packed into this summer is fascinating, compelling, and deeply refreshing. 
And it’s available in your living room, through ZOOM.
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These remarkable offerings from Ubiquity University carry the mystery and wonder of Chartres, its cathedral, the land it rests upon, and its history as a sacred center for seekers since time out of mind.

The Rose Circle

June 20, 10:00 am to 11:30

Honor the Summer Solstice with song, movement, poetry and teachings with Anne Baring, Ruth Cunningham, Banafsheh Sayyad, and me. This session offers the joy of summer’s wild glories symbolized by the red rose in her fullness.

Register here: It’s free.

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Dialectica: Identity and the Other

July 4 – 10
Among the impressive leaders holding these dialogues about race and gender, sexuality and ethnicity, is Eve Ensler (now known as “V”) who wrote the mind-altering “Vagina Monologues,” and offers unique healing skills for women around the world. Her book, In the Body of the World, is essential – and terrifying – reading.
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The Dance of Shiva: A Virtual Pilgrimage to South India

July 28-31
Andrew Harvey takes us on a journey of the heart and mind and soul through the Holy Land of his heart and mind and soul. 
A unique adventure offering deep teaching, ritual, and an opportunity to bless with our prayers and consciousness that ancient center of power in our beloved sacred world.
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Madonna Rising:

The Alchemy of Healing Relationships

August 12-18
I have the honor of participating in this elegantly timed intensive, which coincides with the huge Christian celebration of Mother Mary’s Assumption into heaven. These days are devoted to acknowledging and embodying the miraculous rise of a divine feminine presence, whose purpose seems to provide ways and words to lift and heal the suffering of our world.
My dream image of this time together came with the words, the “Great Mother’s Healing.” As this image unfolds in my mind, it seems to include the healing of our relationship to Her – whoever She is in our individual lives – as well as providing balm for healing our relationships with ourselves, our ‘others,’ and our Earth.  
I hope you will embrace these possibilities,
and join us during this holy time.


Elizabeth Austin’s brilliant and innovative community program completes the one-year cycle she was inspired to create in resonance with the Joy Calendar. Every two weeks beginning on July 16, for a total of seven two-hour sessions, we participate in an intentional gathering, focused on a labyrinth walk, and gathering teachings, stories, and ideas offered by Elizabeth, Jean Houston, and me. A primary purpose is to hold a sacred center for our country and our world during these dangerous, tumultuous times.


Announcing a Virtual Cruise

On the Rivers of Joy

Led and Guided by The Lady of Time

“I have known rivers,” sings the poet Langston Hughes. We can never know them in the way Hughes does, though his inspiration is potent, and we can seek to know them better.
On January 1. 2022, we will embark on a year-long journey into joy, by participating in a virtual journey through the world’s majestic, storied rivers on board a ship made of joy. 
Our guide will be the mysterious Lady of Time who provides us with a calendar: nine months of forty days each, offering a nine-fold path for practicing joy throughout the year.
Our purpose is to visit in our heart/minds our world and her rivers in order to learn more, enjoy more, and also to offer blessings and gratitude to these sacred waters of our Earth. At the same time we will be deepening our capacity for joy, and experiencing its miraculous powers for aliveness, happiness, and healing.
We will begin each adventure in the headwaters of these rivers, acquainting ourselves with their histories, their tales of wonder, their peoples, and their long journeys toward the salt waters, their Oceans of Bliss. And what they can show us, teach us, about the true primal nature of joy.
The plan is to hold twice-monthly Zoom sessions while visiting some of the rivers of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle-East, and North and South America. 
Rivers with stories and myths that demonstrate and/or complement a particular stage of the Joy journey: for example, during the Month for finding Sources of Joy (January 1 to February 9), we will visit the rivers of Asia, focusing primarily on the Ganges. 
The Cruise Plan is in process. I hope to see you aboard, as we set sail with joy, for joy, all through the new year.
More details to come, with this blessing from John O’Donohue:
I would love to live like a river flows,
carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.

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