The Subject Is Joy

From joy all beings have come.
In joy all beings are sustained.
To joy all beings return.
This is the highest teaching.
This is the highest teaching.

–The Upanishads

Would you like to know what happiness is?

I’ll tell you my idea, and recommend that you give it a try.

The richest, most enduring happiness of my long life has been the work of the past few years:

and reporting
the truth of Joy in the World.

No matter what else is present, Joy is there. Sometimes hidden, sometimes even disguised, but definitely present. It is, I have learned, a foundational piece for life in this world.

And of all the elegant, beautiful practices on this earth, the practice of joy is the easiest and the most playful. Read more about the Practice of Joy.


A Life of Passionate Engagement

Welcome!  Here are three areas and actions that excite and challenge my life.  How might they feel to you as you navigate your days? Join me in the opportunities you will find on my website to live your life with passionate engagement.

An Act of Daring:
Living life as an act of sacred theatre in process: embracing nine powers that focus, dedicate, and transform the ways we experience our existence.

An Act of Commitment:
Invoking potent aspects of the great Unified Field surrounding all beings, we study and embrace the elements that clearly support and illumine our lives, following a path that opens to Joy in the World.

An Act of Celebration:
Waking ever more richly to the presence of the Soul of the World, responding to creation with acts of creativity inspired by William Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being.

Sacred Theatre

Sacred Theatre is based on the idea that your life is a great play – rich dialogue, cast of thousands, many scenes and locations, terrific drama, soul-stirring action. You are invited to step onto the sacred stage of your life for more energy, more expressiveness, more playfulness, more creativity, and a clearer understanding of the beauty of your life. MORE


Practicing Joy 2016

Practicing Joy in the World: Month by Month Reflections for the Year of Joy. Nine Goddesses to Nurture Nine Steps on the Path of Joy. MORE


The Shakespeare Effect Series

Shakespeare, the Soul of the World, and the Goddess of Complete Being. A new series by Peggy Rubin in 2017, with a preview November 18-20, 2016, in Ashland, Oregon. Renewed creativity, new vision and increased appetite for life. Plus the pleasures and challenges of forming and participating in an engaged community. You’re invited. MORE