The Shakespeare Effect 2018:

The Shakespeare Joy Expedition

We’re going to climb a mountain, an Everest of a mountain. It’s called Shakespeare’s Brain.
Grab your boots: you’re invited.  FIND OUT MORE

Practicing Joy

Month by Month Reflections for the Year of Joy.
Nine Goddesses to Nurture Nine Steps on the Path of Joy
This Year of Joy calendar gathers nine steps along the Path of Joy into nine months, composed of four ten-day weeks. The weeks invite you to explore joy through each of the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Read now.


The Call to Chartres

The Wisdom School of Ubiquity University continues its elegant tribute to the Seven Liberal Arts of antiquity with a study of Geometrica this summer, July 1-7. Led by Robert Lawlor, author of Sacred Geometry (and many other books), and Jain 108, writers, scholars, and masters of the art and philosophy of number, of sacred design and the making of universes, the summer course promises amazement built on amazement. The “regular faculty,” includes the luminous Karen Rivers, brilliant Jim Garrison, ecstatic Andrew Harvey and beautiful Benafsheh Sayyad, among others. I get to participate in their divine play. You’re invited too. wisdomuniversity.org/Chartres2018.

Working with Jean Houston

One plan for the New Year 2018 is to review, re-calibrate, reseed the archival Mystery School material and other work Jean created over the years into new forms and formats. And I will continue to assist her in presenting her latest thoughts, studies, and excitement in several different workshops and salons. Including “Everyday Life in the Quantum Universe,” at magnificent Esalen Institute, March 18-23. What could be more exciting or more beautiful. Esalen.org/workshops.


October Fest with Sacred Theatre

The Sacred Theatre community in New Jersey will gather for two residential workshops at Ocean Grove, October 4-8, and 11-14. The focus will be on Women’s Rites and the Powers of Sacred Theatre. Patti Kaufman at pattik.mac@me.com is the wise one who can tell you all about it.

Visit Ireland with the Dignans

The amazing musicians Denise and Gerry Dignan are leading their Magical, Mystical, Musical Ireland tour this summer, in late July. I can’t go this year (attending and teaching at Meridian University instead) but want to make sure you know about it. The Dignans know the country intimately, honor its stories, and guide you to and through its mysteries in music and song and holy wonder. Contact Dignansong@aol.com.