#2 Joyful Beliefs 2017

Practicing Joy in the World

The Month of Joyful Beliefs

February 10 – March 21

This month’s adventure is an exploration into one of the “tools of consciousness,” what we believe. More specifically, what we believe about joy. Even more specifically, discovering what we can believe about joy.

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Our Guide for the Month

Artist Patti Kaufman’s


This painting spoke to the artist these words:
Oh, what a wonder I am,
what possibilities I invite.

I sit on a throne grown
from my own inner strength,
only I hold the crystal window of my soul.

The stars and the alphabet that unlock
From my magic potion,
And the true message can only be read by

Do you believe in my magic?
If you do,
I will share the language of my stars.
Are you interested?

A little questionnaire:

Does it exist in the elements of earth (diamond, azaleas), water (reflective lake), fire (galaxy), and air (oak)?
Does Joy engage the universe in the creation of new stars, new earths?
Do I believe it touches my life?
Can my beliefs help make it so?

Can I believe the seeds of joy are present in every encounter?
Every encounter?
Does my belief help create and then stabilize this possibility?

The sweet endeavor:

Entertaining Joyful Beliefs then engages an even more daring exploration: where our beliefs about Joy dare us to clarify and strengthen our general beliefs – about life, about reality, about the mystery of realms beyond this one, about truth, about our capacity to effect change by adding specific personal elements of Joy to the world.

Do my beliefs about Joy subsume, or contradict, or enhance, my “other” beliefs?

This is the month for daring to believe that Joy is in the World.

Joy is magical and its effects even more so. Believe it.

Joy in the World

The next month is Joyful Awareness, and you’ll meet the guide and the elements of that month in March.
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