#4 Joyful Acceptance and Acknowledgement 2017

Joy in the World
The Month of Joyful Acceptance and Acknowledgement
May 1 – June 9

The Guide for this month is
Patti Kaufman’s


They call me Diva
I am the strength deep within.
I sing my song as clearly as
the dolphin senses with its sonar.

I have no restraints,
nothing can stem my flow.

I know my power,
and I celebrate my song.
I am devoted to my task,
and I rely on my sustained presence.

Growing Joy

This month begins a two-fold process of increasing Joy in the World. First we take in Joy (Acceptance) and then we Acknowledge it, by giving thanks, or bowing, or somehow expressing gratefulness for it. If we’re lucky, the one who receives our gratitude will Accept it fully (thereby becoming more joyful) and Acknowledge it with some sign that we then Accept fully and Acknowledge. So it grows on and on.

Diva’s Gift

Her gift to us is the flowing song that pours out from the living earth during this joy-filled month of burgeoning springtime.

Our task:

Accept her heart-filled
earth spring song.
We pause,
listen for it, as it hums and
strums and thrums. We feel its power
and drink it in,
inviting her song to suffuse us,
opening all our senses to its delights,
recognizing that we each carry our own song.
Soon our joyful song joins Hers.


Acknowledge that a wonderful thing has happened.
This brings in thankfulness.
Gratefulness then enriches our songs, making them
ever sweeter
as we sing joy in the world with Diva.

For example:

The lilac tree suddenly opens its frozen blossoms, I drink in the beauty, and bow to the tree to Acknowledge the gift, and to thank the Giver. The tree hears my song, and perhaps feels encouraged to offer its fragrance more joyfully as new blossoms burst forth, singing.

The new neighbor’s dog bounds over to say hello. We Accept each other, and Acknowledge each other in mutual delight. Each of our life-songs grows clearer, more filled with joy.

“God bless you,” calls the homeless man, Accepting and Acknowledging my tiny gift, and my “take care of yourself,” blessing, foolish as it is. Something opens in my heart – part compassion, part gratitude for my own good fortune, part wishes for his happiness and well-being – and intermixed with it all, Diva’s song, our song, and our hand-to-hand, eye-to-eye moment, holding and sustaining Joy.

Joy In Our World.

The next month is Joyful Presence, and you’ll meet the guide and the elements of that month in June.
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