Harvest Time

In the Celtic worlds, these are days of harvesting.  The still-strong sun presides over this yearly time of gathering in, then caring for and preparing for the future.  During the classes of the early summer, working with my friend, ally and teacher, Jean Houston, I learned over and over again the importance of harvesting our lives.  Of noticing where we have been, what we have learned, what we have gained and what we have given.  And most important, how much all of our past work has helped us get clear about the true gift each of us brings with us into life and yearns to offer to life.   I realized – again – that trusting in that gift, and continuing to offer it to all of life helps to keep us feeling alive.  I see people who love words offer that love to enrich others’ appreciation of language; people who love to create art keeping doing that art and inviting others to see and enjoy it; people who love to awaken others through teaching and evocation keep on keeping on, no matter what.  Blessed are the givers of their gifts, for they will enrich the world.