The Lady’s Book of Days

A Book of Days: Fill in the important anniversaries and dates as a gift for those you love – a wonderful gift for the women in your life.

From the Introduction by Peggy Rubin:

The writings included here have been gleaned from a year of workshops exploring the possibility of creating a goddess bible; that is, a collection of stories, psalms, artwork, lamentations, hymns that can be used to express and guide our lives, as well as help to restore an awareness of the feminine face of the divine.

This little day book is a tiny piece of the whole story. The selections within it are a sprinkling of those created to reveal today’s versions of her ever-renewing story.

The writers and compilers have experienced the goddess as mother, sister, baby, child, lover, friend, warrior, destroyer, creator, wild woman, angel, compassionate one, betrayer, animal, life, death, heaven, hell, wisdom personified and folly incarnate. In short, we have looked into her face and seen ourselves, then collected some of what we have learned, and placed it in this day book.