#1 Joyful Sourcing 2017

Practicing Joy in the World

The Month of Joyful Sourcing
January 1 – February 9

The Lady’s Year of Joy opens with forty days
devoted to sourcing ourselves in joy.
She suggests that we
remember and recollect the beauty and
inherent goodness that abide in each of us
by noticing and absorbing
the beauty and inherent goodness
in the world around us,
on the elements of earth (obsidian & iris),
water (snow, by Karen Johnson),
fire (spiral galaxy)
and air (redwoods).
And in everything around us,
the fresh breeze, the bird calling,
friend laughing, cat purring,
the night sky beaming, trees praying,
the soul singing.

Our Guide for the Month

Artist Patti Kaufman’s
Guardian of the Soul
The painting revealed Herself to the
artist in these words:

I am Guardian of the Soul and

I am in divine partnership

with your sacred purpose .

I will not give you directions,

I will not limit your choices,

nor will I force your will.

I simply gift you a sense of

sacred energy when you are

headed toward your true destiny.

You have no need to call for me,

I am always at your side.

You will recognize my scent,

I am the smell of peacefulness.

May the scent of Her peace bestow your days with happiness.
Joy in the World


The next month is Joyful Beliefs, and you’ll meet the guide and the elements of that month in early February.
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