#3 Joyful Awareness 2017

Joy in the World
The Month of Joyful Awareness
March 22-April 30

The guide for this month is
Patti Kaufman’s

Russian Grandmother

Here is Patti’s tribute to her:

Like the farmers before her, she seeded my life,
and fertilized my soul.
She fed me love and lathered me in
her wisdom and chutzpah.
She was my master class, my rose colored mirror
and my earnest engineer.
She was my Grand Matryoshka,
my nesting comfort zone.
She took my little self and grew me into my
big self.
She gave me my most cherished gift, she gave
me myself.


Seeking Seeds

In this month dedicated to the art of joyful awareness we seek seeds.
Yes, it is enough right now, to become more aware, moment by moment, of the promise and presence of joy, in the elements that help make up our lives. The earth, the water, the fire, the air.

But more, let us grow joy. Let us gather joy, mindfully coalesce the essence of joyful awareness, and begin to create seeds.

Then we plant them, consciously, with love as the nutrient, so that others may harvest some touch of the bounteous joy we have felt.

It can happen like this:

Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room seeking an awareness of joy, we can open to the joy of a bamboo plant struggling to survive, and allow the joy of aliveness to nestle in our hearts long enough to create consciously a seed of pure joy.

And leave it planted in the chair back, or in a magazine, or on the window sill, so that the next person who sits there pondering can feel a whiff of that joy seed and feel her life stronger, happier, and filled with aliveness.

Or like this:

Catch a whiff of the just-blooming daphne in its intoxicating mystery, gather the joy it brings, turn that delight into a sweet-smelling seed, and toss it to the winds so that it fills all the world around with spring’s essence and hope.

Growing Joy

Capture the wonders of joyful awareness in this time of the northern hemisphere’s love affair with the sun, hold those wonders tenderly, as only a Grandmother would, until you create a seed, then bestow it with love upon the world, as a Grandmother would, and become a living, breathing source of joyful awareness.

Joy In The World.

The next month is Joyful Acceptance and Acknowledgement, and you’ll meet the guide and the elements of that month in May.
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