#5 Joyful Presence 2017

Joy in the World

The Month for Joyful Presence

June 10-July 19


This month we train our imagination to construct a potent sense of the aliveness and immediacy of joy as it surrounds and accompanies us, helping to ensure our growing happiness.

Our guide this month is

Dream Watcher.

She wonders:

What if your sleep dreams are your true reality
and wake time is just an illusion?
If so, would you want to sleep more
or breathe in all the wake time possible?

What choices would you make
even if you knew your dream memories
were hidden in the sunlight?

I am the Dream Watcher,
and I protect your sacred dream life.

I walk in a world of holistic gravity
with invisible limitations
and mythical magic.
My existence is known only to a spiritual world
of believers who learn from their dream life.

Perhaps the idea of two lives
gives new meaning to being in the moment.
Perhaps there is no choice you must make.


Our joyful practice for this month:

Create a personal Dreamwatcher
who attends to every movement,
every touch,
every thought,
every word,
and who invites us to hold the
buoyant element of joy within each atom of
space we fill as we live and love in joy.

Joy in the World

Dreamwatcher and her words are by Patti Kaufman.

The next month is Joyful Dedication, and you’ll meet the guide and the elements of that month in July.
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