It Was A Marvelous Party

One of the grandest and funniest songs ever written is Noel Coward’s “I’ve been to a marvelous party.” And for maybe the first time in my life I comprehend exactly what he’s singing about. It’s true nobody swung upside down on the brass chandelier, but that may be only because I don’t have a chandelier. Believe me, I woulda if I coulda! Friends showed up to celebrate the new book and to eat a feast prepared by Pat Heck (glorious chef) and sous chefs Patti Kaufman and Susan Brown and others. Pat said she never cooked so much food for so many people in so short at time, and every bite was perfect. People talked, and met new people, old friends showed up to drink toasts and to sing. There was a preliminary daylong mini-workshop on the Power of Celebration, and then we put that power into living practice. As Jean Houston is fond of saying, “A fine time was had by all!” And the book was treated to a fabulous birth-day. So many thank you’s pouring from my heart to all the friends who have made Sacred Theatre possible for all these years.

Robin Van Doren delivers a "toast with the most" - words that touched and delighted my heart.