#2 Joyful Beliefs

Practicing Joy in the World

The month of Joyful Beliefs

February 10 to March 21.

The Great Being who holds the power of this month comes soaring up from way down under, carrying potent joyful beliefs. And singing. She is Rainbow Serpent, known and celebrated among the Aboriginal people throughout the ancient land of Australia.

She is a shape shifter (sometimes female, sometimes male, sometimes part human, or crocodile or kangaroo). She creates all things through her movement and song—landscapes and skyscapes, animals, mountains, rivers, people. She rides the sky, burrows underground, paints the world, presides in power places, rescues those in danger, sources fertility and abundance. She challenges; she potentiates.

She teaches the practice of joy and joyful beliefs by saying:

Know that you honor and re-create the world as you move through it in joy. Believe it.

Believe every encounter, even the most challenging or difficult, holds unborn joy, seeking to live a new story. Every encounter — with a child, a cat, a butterfly or even an argument, an overwhelming news article, a confrontation. Believe it.

Build on that new story; enrich it as you encounter others, bringing joy. Believe it.

Trust that every song strengthens joy, so let your body sing as it moves. Believe it.

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When the ancient ones of the Dreaming returned to the realm of the spirits they left traces of themselves on rocks and streambeds. Rainbow Serpent, one of those ancestors of the Dreaming, is spirit, yes, and also powerful presence. Look for her in the sky, and in deep pools of water. She is a protector of the sacred. She challenges us to find joy everywhere and to believe that Joy is. In the world.

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