#6 Joyful Dedication

Joy in the World

The Month of Joyful Dedication

July 20 – August 28

The Goddess who presides over this month is

White Buffalo Calf Woman


Her Self

She is the holy one who comes singing. This month we listen for Her joyful song.

According to Brooke Medicine Eagle, the wise teacher who writes eloquently of Her, White Buffalo Calf Woman dedicates Her Self to life and aliveness, over and over again. And demonstrates, through Her gifts of ceremony to the Lakota people (and to all people) the good way to honor the Earth and all stages of life and death

The story tells us that She comes out of the spirit realms when the People are starving and desperate. And announces to the young scout who recognizes her sacred nature that the People are to gather: she has gifts to give, teachings to bestow, understandings about life to share.

White Buffalo Calf Woman’s most powerful teaching involves the sacred pipe, with its symbolic inclusion of the Earth and all its beings, and its use for prayer. When it is lit, the smoke rises with praise and thanksgiving to the Great Spirit for all the gifts of life.

white buffalo greeting for eJ

Her action?

Teaching us how to pray, with an unfailing dedication to the Earth.

Teaching us to live in dedicated awareness of, and respect for, all living beings.

And in thoughtful, joyful communion with one another.

Demonstrating the possibility of transformation from teacher to giver of life. After She completed her time with the People, She walked away singing, and in the far distance fell to Earth, becoming buffalo, food for the People.

Her request?

Listen for Her songs of aliveness: the grasshopper’s rustle, the blue jay’s raucous announcement, the train whistle, the child’s laughter, the baby deer being born, the neighbor’s cry of pain.

Our part

Practice joyfully dedicating and re-dedicating ourselves to life’s wild news, moment by moment.

Offer deep respect to those Holy Ones, within us and around us.

Sing out for life, with joy, five times a day! Or more. And keep singing, no matter what.

Sing of pain, of distraction, of worry, sing of delight, of sweetness, of pleasure. Sing for it all.

She sings for life. Now.

She joins our song of life. Now

She is Joyful Dedication to life and aliveness.


Joy in the World.

The next month is Joyful Remembrance, and you’ll meet the Goddess of that month soon.
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