#7 Joyful Remembrance

Joy in the World

The Goddess presiding over the month of Joyful Remembrance, August 29 to October 7, is

The Dark Mother,

sometimes more familiarly known as

The Black Madonna.

black madonna tindariShe reminds us:

I am the one who holds and shapes universes. Because I am invisible, scientists call me Dark Energy and a smaller part of me, Dark Matter. Even though you cannot see me, I make up ninety-five percent of your universe. I make up ninety-five percent of you.

Imbuing my Energy, suffusing my Matter is the element of Joy – Joy, and ringing, singing aliveness. Every time you experience the brush of Joy, I feel it. When you remember Joy, I quake with it. Every joyful memory is stored and storied in my so-potent darkness.

Even as I contain your universe – and you – so you contain me, and what you feel affects me. Enough Joy richly remembered, and whoosh! I orchestrate the birth of a new sun.

Her request?

Glory in every moment of joy; delight in remembering joy; store joyful memories in every part of your body, as she does.

Our part

Imbibe joy with gusto – the seagull alighting on the banister to demand an afternoon snack; the sunset over a calm ocean; a taste of coconut ice cream; the scent of frangipani wafting across the island patio; a first meeting with a red-boned coon dog and his amazing bark of welcome and warning.

Remember joy with poignant, multi-sensory awareness: reawaken the moments fully, surround yourself with each aspect of joyous thoughts of times past, and gather them richly into time present. Feed them to your body and mind.

Dedicate your memories of joy. Remember they are stored in the Dark Mother’s Being. You can add to their effectiveness by consciously requesting that She augment all your remembered joys to bring new life to this world, and pour joy through the entire universe.

Joy in the World. Joy in the Universe.

The next month is Joyful Transformation, and you’ll meet the Goddess of that month soon.
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