Joyful Gods December 31: Dark Mother

On the final day of 2020, the holy day of December 31, those divine beings who call to our Soul and Sing to our Spirit become manifest within us and within the world – again and again – never to leave us if we only pay attention, and allow them to bring us to new birth even as a new year is being born. Here is one of those holy ones.

Dark Mother

I am not in the dark but of the dark.
Only in my dark corners of the
universe can you find your way to yourself.
I will be your sacred escort as you
navigate the turbulent pathways to fullness.
My darkness is a gift I share with you,
for only I can read the signposts along the
edges of your deep dark rivers.
Without my dark, there would 
be no mapping towards or from
the knowings of all things you.
I have been here since forever,
living in the shadows of existence.
Some avoid me, 
but make no mistake, only
I can lead you to your expanding self.
With the Moon at our backs, and
Owl and Crow beside us, we
are not alone as we enter
the mists of discovery.
Open your arms and let my
dark power in.

–Patti Kaufman