Ubiquity University Gatherings

The Chartres Academy Wisdom School

July 5 – 12

Ubiquity University is providing two magnificent courses at Chartres this summer. The first is Grammatica: From Trauma to Transformation, July 5-11. Grammatica is the first of the seven traditional liberal arts, taught at the medieval Chartres Academy over 1000 years ago. This offering of Grammatica marks the beginning of the third cycle of these inspired teachings that the very modern Ubiquity University has provided since 2004. Thomas Hubl, acclaimed modern mystic, spiritual teacher, Founder of the Academy of Inner Science, and author of The Power of We, Awakening in the Relational Field, heads the featured faculty this year.

Madonna Rising:
Rosa Mystica

August 13-19

The Feminine Divine, in all Her Beauty, Power, and Majestic Presence, joins with human devotees to create a radiant experience August 13-19. Madonna Rose provides profound, embodied teaching in response to two aching world needs. One is the need for an authentic feminine grace to rise in order to counter and ameliorate the depredations we have allowed to fall on our Earth and her living beings. The second is the fierce need for a genuine quality of passionate love, embodied and revealed in many traditions as the Way of the Rose.

Why Chartres?

This entrancing town with its extraordinary cathedral is the seat of ancient Druidic and Christian traditions honoring and cherishing the Divine Feminine as Mother, Partner, and Beloved – all cradled in an even more ancient and mysterious understanding, and Presence, that of the Black Madonna.

These August days are among the holiest in all of France, commemorating the rise of divinely potent feminine archetypes in the world, represented at Chartres by the Madonna, Mother of Jesus, whose death day is said to be August 15, and whose assumption into heaven is celebrated on this day. We invite this surging tide of love to rise upward into our human consciousness and bring with it a fervent desire to serve the world with greater devotion and effectiveness.

During this time together we will experience and embody the Way of the Rose, as practiced and taught by Banafsheh Sayyad, whose Dance of Oneness is itself archetypal proof of divine grace, and who offers the Sufi Teachings of The Rose.

Banafsheh will be joined by powerful women writers, musicians, and teachers.

Including Anne Baring, author of one of the seminal books of our time, Dream of the Cosmos, who shares the all-but-forgotten history of Mary Magdalene, as well as her depth experience of the Black Madonna.

Veronica Goodchild, Ph.D., author, teacher, and guide to experiencing the numinous power available to us through mystical encounters with the unseen realms.

Ruth Cunningham, artist of sweet music, healing music. Her musical education, extensive training, and magnificent voice provide doorways to the Divine.


Male devotees of the Divine Feminine who will participate in Madonna Rising include Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity, and Andrew Harvey, author, and inspirer of Sacred Activism on behalf of the Divine Mother.

This shared gathering of wisdom, plus the wild joy of participating in the nation-wide festivities surrounding the Day of the Assumption, guarantees an unforgettable experience. Perhaps, even more important, our time together at Chartres will add nourishing, vital energy to our sacred endeavors as stewards of this holy Earth and all who ride, and rise, with Her.

Please join the adventure.

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