Meet Alexander and Kartika

Hi! I am Alexander and this is Kartika

I have grown-up knowing Peggy and her work, having met her through Jean Houston who is my godmother.  If you have attended Jean and Peggy’s trips to Egypt, Greece, Italy or Indonesia in the 90s you may already know me.

It is my great honor to be setting up this tour as one of my first trips to Indonesia was with Peggy and Jean in 1996.   A lot has changed since then but Bali is still very much an island of magic, and I am lucky enough to call it home since the year 2000. I have been leading tours professionally in Indonesia for the last five years now, and have been working on putting this trip together for the last two years. Along with my beloved partner Kartika, we have searched high and low around Bali to put together a great and authentic experience for you. Kartika is half Indonesian and half Canadian, grew up in the Indonesian culture as well as many other places in the world and also calls Bali home. We are really looking forward to sharing our Balinese world with you.