#7 Joyful Remembrance 2017

Joy in the World

The Month for Joyful Remembrance

August 29 – October 7

Remember joy and honor it in all its forms; celebrate accomplishments, your own and others’;
learn to sweeten regrets by holding with the joy that is always present.

Our guide for this month is Heart Felt:

Feel me, for
I cannot be denied.

Feel me, without judgment,
no matter what my message is.

I am the most articulate
telegraph you have, and
mine is the language of the Gods.

I am tender and strong, and
I bring sadness and joy.

If you keep me near,
I will whisper only truth to you, and
give you my greatest gift,

Our guide reminds us that she brings sadness and joy: that’s the story for Joyful Remembrance.

Our practice for this month:

Focusing on tenderness to ourselves and to all our companions.

We become miners in the rich mountains of our lives, tracking from the present to the past, and back again.


When have I seen this Indian summer sky? Where was I, who was I then? Was there joy in that sky, as there is in this one?

When have I felt this yearning?

When did I want to write like this?

And the dear friends of yesterday, where are they now? How are they now?

Create a nest of joyful memories, let them sustain you, hold you. And when the poignant, painful stories come, remember the love that was always there. The songs, the laughter, even in the tears. Honor the person you were, and the person you have become, carrying all your experiences and all these remembrances.

Joy in the World

Heart Felt and her words are the work of artist Patti Kaufman.

The next month is Joyful Transformation, and you’ll meet the guide and the elements of that month in October.

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