#8 Joyful Transformation 2017

Joy in the World

The Month for Joyful Transformation

October 8 – November 16

This is the time to transmute pain and disperse the harmful chemistry of prolonged suffering by learning to transform personal sorrow or loss or pain into at least the remembrance of joy.
Autumn days help in the teaching.

The name of Our Guide this month is Transformation:

My arms are open to change as I walk the path of life.
The universe holds my story in its stars and weeds
and the beautiful butterflies of movement and color.

Did you know that some butterflies live only two weeks?
Enough time to do what they are here to do,
a child once told me.

I hope I make as graceful a transformation as butterflies do.
I hope I do what I’m here to do
in the time I’m given.
I love the idea of change,
maybe once, long ago, I was a butterfly. . .
I hope so.

We have arrived at one of the highest gifts that comes from seeking Joy: like love, it changes everything.

Our practice for this month:

Notice the changes everywhere, in the skies, in the weather, in the world around us. Dramatic transformations experienced as one of the beautiful dances nature does all through the year, but so elegantly in autumn.

Pay loving attention to the leaves of the trees that change richly into something new and fragile. To the tree boughs as they become bare choirs. To the turning of the earth as she and the sun together transform their relationship.

Transformation doesn’t always require hard work and pain. Sometimes it just happens, especially when Joy reaches into our lives and plays its wild sweet music.

As the poet/artist suggests, remember being a butterfly, living long enough to add beauty to the world, pollinate some fine flowers, and do what you are here to do.

Joy in the World

Transformation and her words are the work of artist Patti Kaufman.

Next Month is for Joyful Service and Sharing.

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