The Shakespeare Joy Expedition

The Shakespeare Effect 2018:

The Shakespeare Joy Expedition

We’re going to climb a mountain, an Everest of a mountain. It’s called Shakespeare’s Brain.

Grab your boots: you’re invited.

We will be making a perilous and thrilling journey. Into the caverns, the canyons, and the craggy heights of Shakespeare’s brain, his teeming brain.

Actually our goal is even higher than that.

We’re asking Shakespeare to allow us to use his formidable mind as a kind of ladder, a rope tether, a spelunking device to discover and claim for our own lives that sublime pristine lake that made his imagining, his invention, his creation possible. The pure mountain lake that holds the essence of true joy. The sweet icy clear water that contains the source of true joy.

As we drink the holy water of that highland lake, we will find courage and delight. Enough to come home again to this world, this time, bringing bright treasures to help restore ourselves, our communities, and our place on the Earth to joyful new life.

Big promise! Say Yes! We can.

It’s possible, especially with Shakespeare’s words and music as guides, providing patterns, ideas, methods, energies, and human creative wisdom as we travel along together.

The heights may make you giddy, not from lack of oxygen, but from joy, sheer joy.

Four Sessions in 2018: Come to all, come to one. You will be welcome.

Where and when:

The Shakespeare Joy Expedition
Four sessions in 2018

February 22-25 • May 17-20
September 13-16 • November 8-11

The Village Gathering Place, Ashland, OR

CLICK to sign up, here.

Individual Sessions: $395