Two Precious Lights Gone and Not Gone

The mystic, seer, artist, and teacher Judith Cornell (Rajita Sivananda) lifted off this world on May 18, and became one of those lights in the living mandala that creates and sustains the world – the glorious pattern she could see, experience, and teach. The tenderest possible care was provided Rajita in her final weeks by friends, allies, students, sisters, and those called to the work of being present during that delicate transition from life to greater life. I miss her, and know that her work continues in this world and in the worlds beyond.

In Denver, on June 5, a soul light and magnificent storyteller named Opalanga Pugh left this world’s story behind, and journeyed onward to be welcomed with open arms into the realm of her ancestors and all the bards, singers, dancers, griots who ever existed. What a festival of wonder and delight is happening in that other world, and how many new stories are being woven into possibility through Opalanga’s magic! She was a vast blessing in her life – I thought of her as an avatar – and that blessing remains strong and pure.