Writing Retreat 2016

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.42.55 PM2016 is the Year for Writing in Retreat

This is the cottage for my “Writing Retreat at the Oregon Coast” which your kindness and generosity have given me to produce a Book of Joy [READ MORE]. As well as other writings that form part of the ongoing, many-years mystery calling itself A Book of The Lady. Thanks to you I will be able to spend three months here, reviewing, winnowing, smiling, howling, despairing, laughing, working, and sending blessings. Plus actually putting words to paper that celebrate my love for The Lady and Her stories.

Your name I will sing out in gratitude to the ocean waves and tides, trusting that their sumptuous energies will bathe you in joy for the goodness you have shown me through many of my unbelievable 80 years.

May you be imbued with happiness and the causes of happiness.
With love and vast appreciation,
Peggy Rubin

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