#1 Joyful Sourcing 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to Joyful Sourcing.

In the realms
where ecstatic joy
is the

behind, beyond,
and within
all creation,
the forty days between January 1 and February 9
provide a perfect time for

Sourcing and Re-sourcing in Joy.

Through the elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

This year, we add a fifth element, common to Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, SPACE and spaciousness.

Buddhist tradition describes these five elements as the Five Wisdom Dakinis, and invites us to incorporate them this way:

  • Earth: our bodies
  • Water: our blood
  • Fire: our bodies’ heat
  • Air: our breath
  • Space: our consciousness.

(These elements of Joy provide the territory we will explore during Shakespeare Effect workshops in 2018.)

Adding the element of consciousness helps create a subtle weaving between the discovery of sources of joy in the outer elements (earth, water, fire, and air) and bringing them home to our physical and energy bodies.


A mysterious white four-legged creature just scurried across the back yard, pausing to investigate the fence, the rhododendron bush, the parked car. It’s a ferret! Never before seen here. A strange new joy is born. With consciousness I can imagine – and begin to feel – that searching, rummaging, seeking, investigating, exploring creature offering this new source of joy to my body.

The mountain snow drifts down to become flowing water beginning its journey through the creek to the river to the sea. From my deck I can hear the creek water rustling its way around rocks and tree roots. Consciously I imagine that journey from snow to fresh water to salt water singing its transformations through my blood and all the fluids of my body from arterial blood to venous blood, to cells, to spine, to brain. Ever new, ever renewing. A source of infinite joy.

I choose to light a candle to remind me of the sustaining potency of the element of fire; next to the candle is a blessing bowl filled with quotations collected by a generous friend. One is waiting on top of the others; it is by the poet Robert Browning. And reads: “How fit to employ all the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy.”  Surprise and synchronicity, sources of joy found in honoring the element of fire. My consciousness builds a bridge from the candle, the friend’s gift, and the Browning quote, to my life’s inner fires, and they blaze with fresh power.

No wind today; the air rests, only a bird disturbs its quiet. All the leaves have fallen. The “bare ruined choirs” of tree branches offer themselves to the closing day and the silent air. This tender silence, through the element of space (consciousness) inspires my breathing to grow calm and easy. And offer itself (and me) to the joyful sourcing grace that is fresh air.

Joy in the World. And in me.


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