#4 Accepting & Acknowledging Joy 2021

Joy in the World

The Month for Accepting and Acknowledging Joy

May 1 – June 9, 2021

Let us be grateful to the people

who make us happy.

They are the charming gardeners

who make our souls blossom.

–Marcel Proust

Endless opportunities for growing joy in the world reveal themselves to us (in the Northern Hemisphere) as we traverse the forty days that take us through the luscious wonders of springtime into the dawning glories of summer.

And it is so easy!

The beautiful words by Marcel Proust show us the way.

First we open to renewed awareness of the multitudinous ways our friends in all the realms make us happy. All the realms – animal, vegetable, mineral.

We imbibe (literally drink in) their kindness, generosity, recognition, beauty, friendliness. This takes a delicious extra moment of time as we allow the happiness to work an alchemical miracle inside our bodies and reach our very souls.   A delightful process. Notice HOW what we have received actually feels inside, stirring gratefulness.

We then imagine our souls beginning to blossom into a rich and elegant garden, with these happy touches from friends adding to its fecundity, its variety, its royal beauty.

We wander through the soul’s garden, enjoying the new plants, the great trees, the happy clouds, bright sunshine, delicate moonbeams, the creatures who have made it a sanctuary.

When we feel truly full of gratitude and joy, we say thank you – directly to the friends if feasible – or to the breeze, the cloud, the sunshine. With the intention to add to the general joy of the whole world.

Thus we grow joy – and enhance the wonders of our souls, cultivating rich and potent inner gardens that can nourish us all our days.

Joy in the World. And in me.

Praise for friends.

Praise for the ways of happiness.

Praise for joy.

Praise. Praise. Praise.

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