#8 The Month for Joyful Transformation 2018

October 8 – November 16

We are the transformers of earth
Our whole being and the flights and falls of our love
Enable us to undertake this task.
–Rainer Maria Rilke

In the process of our transforming the earth, in ways the great poet could not have imagined, the Earth in her mystery, transforms us, over and over again. If we are very lucky, we become joyfully aware of Her powers of transformation, and if we are very smart, we acknowledge them with humility and gratitude.

During the holy days of autumn in the northern hemisphere, the Earth transforms herself into bright colors of red, magenta, orange, brown, and gold. We can participate in that process by practicing the wondrous work of inner transformation. That happens when we pay attention to our memories, our beliefs, our actions – all the magical parts of our life stories – and turn them into the gold of joy.

The element of fire is our guide to this inner transformation, igniting our hearts into bright flames of love – love for our own journeys, and love for all those friends, allies, teachers, beloveds, and even those we saw as enemies – all who have accompanied us so totally they have become part of who we are.

Everything and everyone we have ever encountered are now part of us, in the breath we take, the air that touches us, in our cells and in the hidden spaces of our souls. Everything has conspired with delicacy and precision to make us who we are today. That fact deserves to be acknowledged, celebrated, and transformed into joy.

In this month, we touch into the fire of joy

  • when we light the candles for our meditation times,

  • when we scramble an egg for breakfast,

  • when we watch a bonfire transform fallen leaves into rich ash to feed the earth,

  • when we warm ourselves by the hearth and invite friends to share the warmth.


We are who we are because of who and what we have known, touched, believed, remembered, desired, loved, hated, feared, enchanted. All of it has created us, and continues to create us into flames of living fire, filled with openness to joy.

Remembering that there is Joy in the World. And in me.


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