Day 6 Highlight
Dolphins Dawn Playing
Rising before dawn to the shouts of fishermen outside our rooms at the beach preparing 14 fishing canoes to take us at 6 am out into the nearby waters to watch dolphins at play, Rocking gently in our little boats, 2 of us per boat plus the fisherman, we could look briefly directly into the sun as it rose like a red ball on the horizon. Then we gently moved about seeking little pods of dolphins who popped up now and then to everyone’s delight.

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Mango story
Shiva and Parvati in high bliss have 2 children, Ganesha and Murrigan, God of wealth and war. Parvati and Shiva find the most beautiful mango. Both children want it. They say, the first to circumnavigate the universe will get it. Murrigan takes off. Ganesha instead walks around his parents. When Murrigan returns he protests. Ganesha says, Mother and Father are the universe. Pouting, Murrigan leaves and goes to southern India. Every year the other three go there in ceremonies to plead with him to return and the four are reunited for a time. Whenever you see a mango, pray for siblings to come together in reconciliation and for parents and children to come back together.