#10 Happy Birthday to the Gods of Joy 2018

For those who follow the Goddess Year of Joy (nine months of forty days each), the final five days of every year are devoted to celebrating the birthdays of divine bringers of joy. These so-called intercalary days between December 27 and 31 provide a time to honor our capacity for constant renewal. And bring in a rebirth of joy so blissful that we find ourselves eager to begin a new year, sourced and re-sourced by happiness.

We are helped in remembering these days by looking at our hands, as each finger provides a hint about the gods (and goddesses) we celebrate.


December 27: the Joyful Gods who remind us of what it means to be human (represented by the thumb).

How precious a human lifetime is and how fine to be able to feel the joy of being human.

December 28: The Joyful Gods who offer us direction (represented by the pointer finger).

Reminding each of us that we have a pathway through life, and how exquisite it feels to find and follow that path.

December 29: The Joyful Gods who provide us with passion and power (the middle finger).

The gods who keep us joyfully filled with purpose and fire.

December 30: The Joyful Gods who remind us of beauty (fourth finger).

Seeking beauty and finding it everywhere keeps us alive.

December 31: The Joyful Gods of soul and spirit (little finger).

These gods of joy remind us to feed our souls and enliven our spirits in every way possible. These are the gods that inspire us to lighten up, and face the new year with joy and new aliveness.

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