#6 Joy in the World 2020 Dedication

Joy in the World

The Month for Joyful Dedication

July 20-August 28, 2020


Whatever their ways are, they are all in love with you.
Each comes, by a path, to the rose garden.
—Niyazi Misri


“One regret, dear World, I am determined
not to have when I am lying on my deathbed
is that I did not kiss you enough.”

Two selections from Hafiz, as heard and translated by Daniel Ladinsky, usher us body and soul into this month of dedicating and rededicating ourselves to joy.

Here is the second selection, called “The Stairway of Existence”:

We are not in pursuit of formalities or fake

religious laws;

for through the stairway of existence we have

come to God’s door.

We are people who need love, because love

is the soul’s life,

love is simply creation’s greatest joy.

Through the stairway of existence, O through

the stairway of existence, Hafiz,

have you now come, have we now all come,

to the Beloved’s door.

As the wise one reminds us, we have arrived, or will arrive, at this doorway by following the path that takes us up the stairway of existence. During these forty days of high summer – in the Northern Hemisphere – let us lift our hearts and our eyes to the embracing sky by day and by night filling ourselves with its infinities. Then turn with hearts and eyes suffused with glory to dedicate ourselves once more to the wonder and well-being of this wild planet we live on, and by whose grace and unstinting generosity we live in.

Dedication is about hanging in, hanging on. No matter what other stories are pushing and pulling. No matter how harsh the despair and angers scream for our attention during this maelstrom time. No matter what other fears and concerns clamor for our minds, our hearts lift. Lift. Lift. Lift and are lifted up on the stairway of existence. Toward our own individual truth about, and experience of, the love that is “creation’s greatest joy,” as the poet says. And if can trust anyone about the truth of love and joy, we can trust Hafiz.

We lift to beauty, no matter what.

We lift to hope, no matter what.

We lift to prayer, no matter what.


We lift to dedication to the path of establishing Joy more securely in this wavering, sorrowing world. To dedication to the process of becoming, slowly but ever so surely, human beings of grounded, unhesitating, whole-hearted Joy. Reaching that state by clambering recklessly, foolishly, devotedly up the stairs of love to Love. And at every step kissing the Earth with abandon and delight.

Joy in the World. And in me.

Praise Praise Praise

Dedicating and Re-dedicating ourselves to Joy.



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