#6 Joyful Dedication 2023

The Month for Joyful Dedication
“Keep your eye on the prize, Hold On!

July 20 – August 28, 2023

The greatest gift we give each other
is that we become a mirror of goodness.
When we see the goodness in others,
we call it forward.
–Tara Brach

Meet Anne Bruetsch, A Pilgrim of Love, and Exemplar of Joyful Dedication

Anne is a cherished friend and fellow student of Jean Houston’s (and friends’) training programs and Mystery Schools. Demonstrating the potency of sheer dedication, she has produced a remarkable book, Pilgrimage of Love.

The process began simply. Reflecting on the breadth of her life and her pursuits and adventures (which she later recognized as a pilgrimage) she decided to begin a memoir, just so that her nieces and nephews and their descendants might know something of her life and the lives of their older relatives, grandparents and even great grandparents.

In the process of writing, remembering and reflecting, she realized what a big story it is. Finally, through dedication to the holy task of essentially reliving its spiral of wonders, a truth revealed itself: her life story has been, and continues to be, a Pilgrimage of Love.

What’s especially wonderful about reading it is that we get to travel with her on this sacred journey, and marvel, too, as she reveals the signs and portents along the way that open her to ever-deepening recognition of life’s gifts – all of them—including the heartbreaks. In other words, we become her fellow pilgrims. Dedicated to the journey. Dedicated to life. Dedicated to loving. Dedicated to the joy that bubbles through all of our lives, no matter what else is happening.

The primary gift she has gained and offers with her book: “The realization of spirit guides who have continuously blessed me with divine guidance – and the reality that we all have spirit guides is really the ultimate message I would like anyone who reads my book to come to know.”

Thank you, Dear Pilgrim. Thank you, Anne.

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