#7 Joyful Remembrance 2023

The Month of Joyful Remembrance
August 29 – October 7, 2023
Today is a Gift

Today is a gift

perhaps the whole reason

for this incarnation

the day to embody and deliver

random acts of kindness

with no strings attached.

It is a day to be present

to the seen world and to the unseen source,

to listen in the moments of silence,

to feel the mystery’s ocean currents,

to honor our efforts and mistakes,

and to give thanks for every moment,

Delight turning, turning, turning.

–Lisa Nelson

I once had a boss whose nicest attribute was how much he loved the month of September. This month of Remembering Joy, and the wonders that have given us joy, embraces all of September’s riches. And more besides.

Lisa Nelson’s elegant gift of a poem reminds us of how we can respond with both gratitude and joyful action as we relish the memories of time past, time present, even time future, perhaps.

This is a month for cherishing, and for honoring: our lives, our friends, our world, our possibilities. Hold the gift of each day tenderly.

Joy in the World

And in me. Praise. Praise. Praise


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